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Web Application Development

From conception to implementation, our elite team of web developers will guide you every step of the way.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

With custom web application development you can speed up or eliminate repetitive tasks through custom software automation, tailored around your business. Most bloated, rigid, and expensive software solutions force you to bend your process to their solution.

Improve business processes

Custom software discussions also provide a time for staff to discuss process and what’s working and what isn’t. Nothing digs deeper than a custom software development discussion –and a second set of eyes from a technical development team can do a lot of good asking questions and illuminating efficiencies that are possible which you may have never considered before

Go paperless

Eliminate the use of expensive, regularly used consumables like paper and printer toner by going paperless with web-based applications.

League of your own

Create something new if off-the-shelf software just doesn’t cut it – or it puts you in a league of your own over and above your competitors. Everyone loves a competitive advantage.  Web-based applications can also enhance in-house security when put on a local intranet and unprintable information is less likely to walk out the door.

Bespoke Development

With custom web application development you can speed up or eliminate repetitive tasks through custom software automation, tailored around your business –most bloated, rigid, and expensive software solutions force you to bend your process to their solution.

Communicate to your IOT devices

With bespoke platforms, we can connect anything to anything. Legacy systems to the latest sensors. You provide the tech and we adapt to use the development stack suited to that specific technology or process.

Plug-ins to off the shelve platforms

You’ve already invested tons of money into an existing platform and everyone is familiar with how it works, but now you need functionality x, and platform y doesn’t provide it. We can develop custom plug-ins that cater to your exact needs, without having to throw away the current system.

Fits into current business processes

These solutions are developed to fit into your current way of working, so you need not change how you work in order to use the platform. You own the sources code and the platform can easily be integrated with other bespoke or of the shelf platforms.



These types of platforms make it easier to be flexible, as you have the power to change your platform as your business changes. You don’t have to wait for of the shelf systems to provide updates that you hope will be adaptable to your new needs. This can give you an immense advantage over the competition, that struggles to fit their processes into ridged existing systems.

Mobile Application Development

Supplement your current system by easing data capture. Turn your idea into a mobile application that will put your business at your customers’ fingertips wherever they are.

Sleek Designs

We create sleek, highly functional mobile applications that speed up your business processes.

Native, Hybrid or Mobile Web

We will help you choose the right cross-platform strategy whether that be native, hybrid, or responsive web.

Customer Engagement

It doesn’t matter what business you have, your customers need a way to reach you. How about a direct communication channel with your client within your app.

Direct Marketing

Apps can have a wide variety of functions. They can give your client information on products, prices, live feeds, social interaction and much more. 

Numbers Don’t Lie

We are passionate about the world of technology and Development. We are experienced in building solutions for highly specific requirements.

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Our Projects


Meerkat is a local online auctions platform, providing online auctions in the form of low latency live streaming and timed auctions across the world. Meerkat wanted to develop an online auction platform from scratch with the newest technologies. We custom-built the auction engine from the bottom up.

  • Sector
    • Online auctions
  • Solution category
    • Software development, System Architecture, UX design
  • Technologies
    • Angular2+, .Net Core, Swift, Kotlin, Signal R, Azure, MSSQL.
  • Key value add
    • Our work with Meerkat insured that we built a fully customizable auction platform, ready for expansion and in record time. Poised to keep them one step ahead of the competition.

WEBA chute systems provide custom-made transfer chutes used on large mines in 20 different countries. The inspections of these chutes provide cardinal information about their lifespan and the safety of chute. This used to be done by pen and paper. Dankospark developed a bespoke inspection tool on a mobile application.  

  • Sector
    • Mining
  • Solution category
    • Software development, System Architecture, Offline Application
  • Technologies
    • Angular, .Net Core, Azure, Kotlin.
  • Key value add
    • The system alleviated the strain of importing images and text from external sources into a single system.

Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines is a Cape Town-based biotechnology company. They manufacture and distribute vaccines and will soon be one of the first South African labs to produce Covid vaccines. Dankospark developed their production management system. They can manage raw materials, production runs, stock, and distribution on the system. 

  • Sector
    • Medical
  • Solution category
    • Software development, System Architecture, UX design, Barcode Scanning
  • Technologies
  • Angular, .Net Core, Azure.
  • Key value add
    • The Afrigen system is adaptable to cater for any new product types without the need for further development.

This tool was developed with the fuel transport industry in mind. The initial goal was set to determine the cost per Kilometre traveled per vehicle. It also provides external clients to purchase fuel on a Credit based system. Internally managed Android devices drive the fuel-up events, eliminating fraud and user errors.

  • Sector
    • Fuel and Transport
  • Solution category
    • Software development, System Architecture, Mobile Development, Integrations
  • Technologies
    • Angular, .Net Core, Kotlin, Azure.
  • Key value add
    • The Griptech API provides easy entry points into various systems. This provides external integrations with access to specific data.

Anglo American employs more than 90, 000 people across the globe. Some of the jobs in the Anglo-American mining industry are high risk and require a certain level of fitness or special requirements from a potential employee. Dankospark has developed a custom tool to capture Job Risk Profiles in the field. Information such as hygiene, function workload, and health risks gets fed into our algorithms to produce outcomes and make decisions about employment and testing of employee capabilities.

  • Sector
    • Mining
  • Solution category
    • Software development, System Architecture, Offline Application
  • Technologies
    • Angular, .Net Core, Azure, Flutter.
  • Key value add
    • The system replaced an excel based system thereby eliminating most input errors and streamlining the capturing process.

Potato Certification Service is a non-profit company that plays a leadership role in the pursuit of a sustained supply of healthy planting material to the potato industry of South Africa. PCS approached us to modernize they’re out of date systems and provide a better user experience to their officials across South Africa. We later developed a platform together with the Laboratories, that assists PCS in their duties, to provide an integrated solution for all their quality control operations.

  • Sector
    • Agriculture
  • Solution category
    • Software development, System Architecture, business analysis.
  • Technologies
    • Angular2+, .Net Framework, WPF, MSSQL, SSRS.
  • Key value add
    • Our work with PCS helped them identify inefficacies in their platform processes and assisted in streamlining their workflows. We also enabled PCS to do more analytics and reporting with the better structuring of data and queries.



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